About us

A little information about our company.


Book the best are a bespoke travel business that specialise in customer satisfaction. There is nothing worse than booking a holiday, and being let down once you arrive. We carefully hand pick everything we represent - and make sure our guests are as happy as can be whilst on holiday.


The internet is full of companies trying sell bulk rooms at discounted rates - that’s not us. We only represent what we love, and that is quality accommodation.


We have inspected each property and it has to meet certain guidelines to be part of our exclusive portfolio.  


We have partnered with a number of international Airlines and air point providers this gives us the unique opportunity to offer our guests extremely cheap business class and first class flights- more often then not at around 50% cheaper than going direct with the airlines. 


Give us a call - have a chat, we’re always happy to hear from you!

Yours in Travel,